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We had a blast a The Blackheart last night! | Seamus O'Sparks

We had a blast a The Blackheart last night!

By Seamus O'Sparks on April 13, 2014 — 1 min read

We had a blast a The Blackheart last night! Thanks everyone who came out! Emily Bell and The Ghost Wolves were AWESOME! Great music all the way around!

AND-after the show my little charge d’amour and I were riveted to discover what looked like a dead body in the parking garage a few feet from where her car was! Some poor sod was laying face down in the cab of his truck with the door open, legs sticking out, totally motionless. Being a GOOD citizen I called the authorities and engaged in a humorous and prolonged conversation with a grouchy EMS dispatcher. The cop who showed up poked at the body for a bit.

Turns out the dude was just epically WASTED. Which was a relief. I was also amused at the cop’s awkward people skills. I guess my runny makeup, high-brow articulations, and matted hair was more peppermint than he is used to. It was a rather odd exchange; similar to meeting a cousin you haven’t seen in years who just found out you are a gay communist.

Glad the guy wasn’t dead though. It all ended fine-my charge d’amour and I went back to San Marcos, got an éclair, took off all our clothes, discussed the people we’d like to seduce (guess which ones of you made the list-hint:most of you) and played a righteous game of thumbfumble while listening to ‘The Best of Foghat.’ The eulogy at my funeral is going to be something else…

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