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Death by Rhythm Section | Seamus O'Sparks

Death by Rhythm Section

By Seamus O'Sparks on March 25, 2016 — 1 min read

Death by Rhythm Section
An Original Poem by Seamus O Sparks

Look at these guys, they’re so mean
They make me eat bugs when we’re in the alley changing
Then they laugh and slap each other a high five
They’re jive

Wiley’s always cross with me and Junior never lets me have a bite of his mouth watering hamburger
They won’t even give me some fries
What mean guys

Once they stole my pants and made me dance
in front of the pretty girls in San Angelo
It was a rotten trick
They’re sick

And they always read my diary out loud
In front of a crowd of drunk cowboys
They laugh at my pain
But they’re the ones who are insane

Junior makes me taste expired milk
And Wiley throws rocks at me onstage
And they laugh when I wake up with an erection
Still, they’re rock’s best rhythm section…

Junior Scott Wiley Koepp

Posted in: Poetry

The Story of Seamus

Seamus O'Sparks is the seventh son of a Seventh Day Adventist who went on a seven-day bender starting on July 7, 1977 at a strip club called Seventh Heaven at the corner of 7th St. and 7th Ave. in the West Village.