Is anyone out there good at dream interpretation?

By Seamus O'Sparks on November 23, 2014 — 1 min read

Is anyone out there good at dream interpretation? I had a dream last night and it’s really eating me up. I dreamt that I worked at a supermarket. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. NOTHING. I just stocked items and carried on my duties like a dutiful employee. People would ask me, “Where is the canola oil?” and I would say, “Aisle three mam.” When I woke up this morning all of my canned goods were neatly arranged in perfect stacks. What’s the deal here? Can someone throw me a bone of wisdom on this? I don’t wanna’ dream about being a drone in a grocery store. I wanna’ dream about Jayne Mansfield and robots…Please help-my dreams are all I have. I think my psyche is being eaten by the Wal-Mart…

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