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Man, I got rejected…again. This time by The New Yorker | Seamus O'Sparks

Man, I got rejected…again. This time by The New Yorker

By Seamus O'Sparks on February 7, 2017 — 1 min read

Man, I got rejected…again. This time by The New Yorker. Oh well, at least I’ll always have YOU Facebook 🙂 Here’s the tragic tale of another brutal failure:

Dear Seamus Sparks,
We regret that we are unable to use the attached material. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to consider it. To get a better idea of the material we publish, please visit http://www.newyorker.com/cartoons
The Editors
The New Yorker

Dear The New Yorker,
Thank you for the courteous response. It’s probably for the best that my stuff didn’t get published. I recently burned my son very badly while playing that drinking game, “Presidents and Assholes” and now things are pretty weird around the house and my ability to work on stuff is compromised. Thanks for the link! I looked at it and it was pretty good. It made my son, Roscoe, laugh. Thanks again for your time.
All the best!

Oh man, I need to correct a typo. I didn’t burn my son very badly, I burned my hand. My son, Roscoe, is fine. He was a little traumatized by the blaze, but a dose of the real world isn’t a bad thing. He did laugh at your cartoon link but my wife did not. She’s still mad at me for getting drunk and doing karate and the subsequent fire.. meh, women… Anyway, Roscoe’s fine and my wife will get over things.

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