YELLOW STREET MARKER BITES MAN (Fractured Reflections On Drama, San Marcos Style)

By Seamus O'Sparks on January 14, 2017 — 1 min read

YELLOW STREET MARKER BITES MAN (Fractured Reflections On Drama, San Marcos Style)
“Some of you are going to die, martyrs of course to the freedom that I shall provide.” Thanks for those words, Peter Gabriel era Genesis. That’s from a song of theirs called, ‘The Knife.’ It’s about demagoguery. I’ve been enjoying the recent FB donnybrook over a stone street marker that was painted yellow here in San Marcos. Everyone’s favorite local Lorax went full blown Medusa about it and fixed another target of her fury with a noxious stare. And the victims of this cheap gaze (the local artists who painted the sign) are, from what I can glean from the postings, among the “allies” and supporters of this homegrown Gorgon. Sorry for the fruity language here. Oh well… Mystical creature is as mystical creature does, I suppose, and if the serpent hair fits, well… Welcome to the perils of the new zeitgeist. Blind rage against the city/developers/government/system, etc… and blind support for a self-styled attack dog=total blindness. In an era when only the most bombastic and toxic of people and approaches seems to resonate with anyone, please expect to be a victim(at some point) of that very rank energy. We feed the beast when it suits our needs and fits our views but ignore the nature of the beast we feed. In such climates are demagogues created. So, I guess the lesson here is be careful with the attack dogs you embrace. Sooner or later they may end up biting YOU in the ass. Or maybe not…maybe the lesson is be loud and shitty at all costs…it’s good enough to win you the Presidency so why not?

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