I had a delightful exchange with PBS last night

By Seamus O'Sparks on March 15, 2016 — 1 min read

I had a delightful exchange with PBS last night. And they say government is broken…only souls and soup bowls get broken…I’ve written tons of letters to the private sector and gotten wet silence for my trouble. So balls to all those artists, manufacturers, and psych wards who left me to pull death out of my throat.

Name: Seamus O Sparks

Message: Hi KLRU- I’m a big fan. I think your program, “From Christ to Constantine” is either out-of-sync or the audio is linked to the wrong video…Maybe? Perhaps it’s some kind of avant-garde filmmaking technique that is just vexing my puny mind… I’m not kvetching or anything, just wanted to lay it on you as an FYI. If it is some kind of new fangled film/art thing, I don’t think it works. Of course I would never have thought that Joy Division would become rock messiahs so what do I know… meh, indie rock…

Response: We had a big issue with the audio last night. We think we’ve corrected the problem. Sorry for the disruption!

My Response: Thanks Jessica! I appreciate the response. And, yes, the issue was corrected promptly. I really enjoyed the program. The followers of “the way” were (and still can be) one plucky gang! I learned a lot from the show; not the least of which is that if, by some perverse technical quirk, I actually make it to heaven, me and Saint Paul are going to go round and round.

Many thanks!

klrU are a gem!!!

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