LONG POST WARNING…Aww Facebook-I feel bad

By Seamus O'Sparks on November 4, 2015 — 2 mins read

LONG POST WARNING…Aww Facebook-I feel bad. Recently the band has been so busy that all I’ve done is hustle you into coming out to the shows and stuff. I miss the laughs we used to have. You and I-me and you. Us, together. So, just so you know I still care here is a short correspondence between myself and Armor Games:

Hi Armor games. I like your game Incursion except that when you get to the Marine Attack level it becomes insanely difficult. It’s like a different game. Why is this? All the other levels increase in difficulty at a reasonable rate. Not this level. It’s too hard relative to the previous levels. It’s not fun. No one has fun getting their ass kicked repeatedly. Is this level some kind of sick joke? Who would enjoy it? It’s unreasonable and I don’t care for it. Love all the other levels, hate this one. My 10 year old son can’t even beat this level. I bet Rommel couldn’t even beat it. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. I think the devil designed this game. Now my kid laughs at me even though he couldn’t beat it. Thanks for laying a bummer on me and everyone else who plays this game…

This ticket was submitted by Seamus.”


Hi Seamus,

Sorry to hear that you and your family are having difficulty with this Incursion and that level. What I’d suggest is to check out some of the community posted guides and see how some of the other folks are getting past that level.

From the game’s page (http://armorgames.com/play/14138/incursion) I found a YouTube video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PL2svk6wtvXCTKQ6I8HC9revS2ay3c5Jd6&v=lCNwHORmvf0

The forums also has a post for Level 13, it may or may not help with the level you are on, but it does discuss strategies another user employs – http://armorgames.com/community/thread/10758143/incursion

Hope this helps you and your child get some ideas for taking on the level again!

Kind Regards,

Armor Games”

My Response:

Hi M******, thanks so much for your kind response. I’m sorry if I came off half-cocked. I was just frustrated and humiliated trying to beat that level. And my son kept laughing at me and throwing things. BUT, guess what? I finally beat that level. It took all of my courage and many hours of razor sharp concentration and discipline. Now who’s laughing? Not my son. He’s a punk but I put the cure on him. I think he gets it from his mother, which is weird because she’s terrible at everything. I’m amazed that she could even spawn as miswired as she is. Oh well, I guess good things do happen to bad people, not that my son is what I would consider a “good thing.” But look at them and look at me-they have to live in a shelter now and I BEAT that level. Thanks for the encouragement! If I ever have a daughter I will name her M*******! <3

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