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Correspondence between Seamus and Henry Rollins’s management | Seamus O'Sparks

Correspondence between Seamus and Henry Rollins’s management

By Seamus O'Sparks on August 21, 2015 — 5 mins read

Correspondence between Seamus and Henry Rollins’s management 8/20/15 (LONG POST WARNING):

Hi Matt, my name is Seamus. I am interested in booking Henry Rollins for a Halloween show at the Triple Crown in San Marcos, Texas. Here are the details: My band, Chasca (I am the singer/ flautist) will be headlining. We will play at midnight/midnight-thirty after the costume contest. There will be an opening act (to be determined)playing at 10:00 pm. We need a second act to play between roughly 11:00 pm and 11:45(ish). I think Henry would be a great fit for the evening! I am certain that Henry’s show will be a big hit with the college kids here in San Marcos! Normally we do a 40-30-30 split between all the bands but, Matt, I insist that for this show we do an even split between the three bands. Nobody needs to be casting their bread upon the waters here. I know Henry will have to travel so I feel it is only right that we make it worth his while. The venue has a 125 person capacity (but let me tell you, when you get 50 greased up rascals grinning and going in the joint it feels like Zeppelin at the forum so no worries) and I expect that on Halloween we will max the place out. On a night such as this you can expect each band will walk away with a good 200 or so dollars plus whatever merch they can hustle. I should add that the cover is always $5.00. You’ll have to forgive me if my pitch is a little shakey. I’m not comfortable with the argot of negotiation. San Marcos, Texas-as you may know-is the fastest growing city in America and my band, Chasca, has greatly benefitted from the city’s feracious music/arts scene. We can help Henry, et.al. find lodging if necessary. My first thought is that he can stay at my mom’s house(three bedroom/ two bath{shower in the front bathroom’s a little iffy though}). We can shunt her off to my sister’s for the weekend and Henry can have the run of the place. If he likes animals then I highly recommend he stay there. At night you can take a flashlight and look at the tarantulas. It’s really neat and they’re not aggressive or anything. The only caveat I need to add is that if we make this happen, and I am certain we can reach a consensus agreeable to all parties, Chasca would very much enjoy some reciprocation on the gig vis-à-vis an opportunity to come play with Henry in Los Angeles. Basically, and I probably should have cut to the nut of this thing much earlier, I am proposing a gig swap between Henry and Chasca. We can totally set him up here and, hopefully, he can arrange something for us on his turf. We’ve found this strategy to be very effective and mutually beneficial to the artists so I hope you all will consider partaking in such an enterprise. If October 31st is not a good date we can arrange another time-no problem. I do think that night will be especially happening though. Alright, please talk this over with Henry and don’t hesitate to let me know if we need to tweak the arrangement or if you have any questions. We are open to negotiate as best we can. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing back from you!
Seamus & Chasca

Seamus, thank you for the interest in Henry. He will be on the road at that time but thank you all the same. Chad

Response to Response:

Chad, thank you for the prompt and courteous response. I hope Henry’s shows go well! Please consider my offer to stand in perpetuity. Whenever Henry wants to arrange something we can make it happen. I’m certain we could generate a lot of steam-and not just from a hype angle. Not at all. I mean that in its purest and most vehement sense. These are gnarled days, Chad. Sometimes it’s enough to make you want to gnaw the struts. Plato once wrote, ‘When the mode of the music changes, the walls of the city shake.” Those are inspiring words for these, our uninspired times. Some days it seems that our planet spins on a trifling axis with nothing but a hairline fracture between complacency and Armageddon. Those days cast a hard shadow, my friend. A shadow that covers us all. Folks such as you and I are consigned to the rank and file realties of life here in the 21st century where no city walls shake. Above the din of chaotic tedium there is little more than a metered cadence-the pounding beat of the damned trudging in lock step like a demented Sisyphus to a rhythm they never created. And each day is just another whack on that baleful drum. Which is why folks like us must continue to fight against the unconscious machinery of this age. While you stand steadfast at your post I promise to be vigilante at mine. Maybe, with a little luck, those of us who still believe in the potential of mankind’s shimmering spirit will force a change? Perhaps, if we eschew the doldrums brought about by the corporate Attila’s, byzantine hierarchies, and do-it-by numbers aesthetic of these witless times we can spare our children from the cages already built for them? People have become victims of their own rote behavior. They stand like boney spirits chattering in front of their own reflection, and they don’t even realize they have been swindled. I think that’s sad, Chad. But-if those of us who still have the primal fire can build the New Jerusalem out of our own hopes and derring do then one day we can effect a kind of superstential deus ex machina. We can glaze the face of our culture with a new patina. We can rebuild the watch towers. That’s the kind of steam I’m talking about. That’s where the divine laughter comes from. And people need that kind of medicine now more than ever. I’m counting on you, Chad. You’re one of the good guys.

All the best to you all,
Seamus O Sparks

Response Pending…

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