Oh WOW! Last night at The Blackheart was too majorly amazing!

By Seamus O'Sparks on August 8, 2015 — 1 min read

Oh WOW! Last night at The Blackheart was too majorly amazing! AMAZONG! Thanks Winston Barrett for having us! Thanks Tomar Williams and the FCs, Battling Giants, Big Britches, and Groove Think! You guys all KILLED it. So, we hit capacity during our set and they would not let anyone else in. WOWZER! Word is there’s a buzz about those Chascas. I dedicate our selling the place out to all my friends in the music/entertainment industry who have done NOTHING to help us! Kissies to you! Only the good die weird, eh? Oof..I don’t mean that to sound so harsh-I mean, HEY: look at what happens when you take hype and stink out of the equation and replace it with fun and talent-you sell a place out! And I like selling a place out. So F*#… I mean, to all my influential friends, ahem-THANK you..TEE-HEE. I’m capricious and I’m just having you on… <3 THANKS FOR MAKING LAST NIGHT SUBLIME ALL WHO CAME…and came again…

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