Someone dared to zing me on Facebook today!

By Seamus O'Sparks on June 20, 2015 — 1 min read

Someone dared to zing me on Facebook today! Well, we’ll see about that. Behold the awful price of making O Sparks a figure of fun:

Reflections on Andy Hartsock

I met Andy Hartsock a long time ago
I liked him immediately
And since then I have grown
To like him even more

His talent has many facets
And is only exceeded
By his kindness, his warmth
And his humanity

Once, I overcharged his debit card
It was a new machine
And I was still learning how to work it
But he did not get angry

The name Andy
Derives from the Greek, Andreas
It means, “manly’
It’s a better name than “Stanley”

Stanley means, “stony”
And that’s baloney
Because Andy is anything by stony
He’s definitely manly

Andy,O singer, I hear in your song
The optimism of a darkling thrush
And while we are brothers at Euterpe’s bosom
The truth is, you have taught me much

I met Andy Hartsock a long time ago
And he has always been a luminous constellation
A beat poet’s sky
Created by the hand that crafted itself

That is to say, a singular miracle
And exquisitely forged mystery

John Lithgow’s got nothing on him…

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