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Here is a recent exchange I had with an online gaming company | Seamus O'Sparks

Here is a recent exchange I had with an online gaming company

By Seamus O'Sparks on June 4, 2014 — 2 mins read

Sometimes the world is full of surprises. It turns out, people can and do care. Here is a recent exchange I had with an online gaming company. This is a little long, sorry. BUT-Read and be hopeful:

Hi there, thanks for all the great FREE games! I’m not married and your site has given me hours of quality time that I might otherwise have spent seeking gainful employment or a life partner. I do have one small complaint. You guys have a Frosted Flakes advertisement that insists on popping up in the middle of the game, Moby Dick 2.

I understand you all offer nothing but the finest in quality gratis gaming online and, as such, I can dig that you have to make the nut-so to speak-by hustling your clients with ads. It’s a fair trade; free games in exchange for weathering a promotion. And, let me be clear, I have nothing but the utmost respect for Frosted Flakes. They’re a quality breakfast cereal indeed. They even make for a great sweet-tooth satisfying snack throughout the day. Shoot, I even eat them dry.

The problem we have here, then, is that the Frosted Flakes ad pops up in the middle of my Moby Dick 2 game. I can handle having to sit through a promotion prior to the game starting, but it’s quite distracting when it occurs in the middle of my game play. You dig? I’m, like, totally trying to get my Ahab on and my “wah” keeps getting zapped by Tony the Tiger every 15-85 seconds. It’s a real bummer. Even the porn I watch has the courtesy to hustle me with breakfast cereal ads after I’m done watching the midget pop the African lady on the behind and my nut is fully busted.

So, if there is anyway you guys can keep the Frosted Flake ads from popping up all willy-nilly; myself and I’m sure MILLIONS of others would greatly appreciate it. I would hate for us to come to cross purposes over this. I would hate for this issue to become my, “white whale.” It’s happened before you know…Oh yeah. You guys wouldn’t be the first free gaming site that had to bear the brunt of my passionate rage. So let’s avoid crossing swords and having me yell in, brine soaked tones, ‘From hell’s heart I stab at thee.’ The folks over at Armor choose to take, “the path less traveled by” when it came to a little problem I had with them. I can tell you that that, well, that made all the difference. Dig?



Hi Jtm,

Thank you for the email and very sorry to hear about the ad overlaying the games for you on Not Doppler. We definitely don’t want ads that auto-expand to display on Not Doppler (in fact, we don’t allow auto-expanding ads), so we will look into this further to try to have it removed.

Out of curiosity – I was wondering which country and state you are based in just so we can help identify which ad partner is displaying the ad?

Also, if you happen to have a screenshot of the ad that would definitely help in identifying which ad partner is displaying the ad also. (We work with a variety of ad networks so sometimes it can be a bit tricky tracking down an ad, even if we know the exact product)

Thanks again and sorry for any trouble caused by this!

Kind regards,

– John

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