And today we must wish Farokh Bulsara a very Happy Birthday!!!

By Seamus O'Sparks on September 5, 2013 — 1 min read

And today we must wish Farokh Bulsara a very Happy Birthday!!! 67 years old!!! Of course you all know him as: FREDDIE MERCURY!!!Why do we adore him so, well, for many reasons: He will, he will-rock us, he ‘s going to make a super sonic man(or woman) out of us, he does the march of the black queen, he is the champion, he keeps his moet et chandon in a pretty cabinet, he’s going slightly mad, he challenges the mighty titan and his troubadours, when he’s feeling down and his resistance is low he lights another cigarette and lets himself go, Friday’s he goes painting in the Louvre, he rides upon an ominbus and then the casino, he brings on the charge of the love brigade, he works hard-everyday-he tries and he tries and he tries, he is immortal-he has inside him blood of kings, anyway the wind blows-nothing really matters to him, AND because he wants to ride his bicycle he wants to ride his bike-he wants to ride it where he likes!!! Happy Bday F.M.!

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