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Try to be best | Seamus O'Sparks

Try to be best

By Seamus O'Sparks on June 17, 2010 — 1 min read

Try to be best
’cause you’re only a man
and a man’s got to learn to take it
try to believe
when the going gets rough (When the things get
that you gotta hang tough to make it (to be strong)

History repeats itself
try and you’ll succeed
never doubt that you’re the one
and you can have your dream

you’re the best around
nothing is gonna ever keep you down!

Posted in: Music, Poetry

The Story of Seamus

Seamus O'Sparks is the seventh son of a Seventh Day Adventist who went on a seven-day bender starting on July 7, 1977 at a strip club called Seventh Heaven at the corner of 7th St. and 7th Ave. in the West Village.